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Opinion: Another fine mess in the making


At last, one sensible decision from energy secretary Amber Rudd. I am among those who welcome the shutting down of all UK coal-fired plant by 2025, unless retrofitted with CCS. That seems clear and unequivocal. Since no-one is prepared to invest in heavy-duty clean-up technologies, the operators of the remaining coal-fired plant effectively wrote the death warrant themselves. On Tuesday evening, there was a fascinating documentary on the box about UK power generation. Basically the focus was Ferrybridge in Yorkshire, which is operated by Scottish & Southern Energy and clearly on its last legs.

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Rudd: UK should build more power stations to meet energy demands


The UK could need to build more than 25 power stations in the next 20 years in order to meet its power demands. The Energy Secretary Amber Rudd is expected to say Britain’s energy security will be under threat unless old nuclear and coal power stations are replaced.


Opinion: Our bizarre ‘Walter Mitty’ Government

One day, it would be great to write something positive about the current UK government in the energy context. But so long as it carries on the way it is, that won’t happen. Last month, I laid into chancellor George Osborne for the nuclear deal cooked up with the Chinese. The sycophantic fawning that occurred during the state visit of Xi Jinping (“Xi Dada”, or Uncle Xi), with yet more major UK opportunities peddled in Beijing’s direction was nothing short of disgusting. Indeed, Osborne, with his haircut reminiscent of the BBC’s casting of “I Claudius” donkey’s years ago and which one is advised signifies power, has rather dominated the energy stage of late.

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Leadsom: Hinkley will create infrastructure ‘fit for 21st century’


An agreement between EDF and its Chinese partner China General Nuclear Corporation (CGN) will create a infrastructure "fit for the 21st century" according to the UK Energy secretary. Conservative politician Amber Rudd said the government was tackling a legacy of under-investment in the UK. The deal was signed amid a landmark visit from Chinese President Xi Jinping where he has met with both politicians and dignitaries.

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UK Energy Minister denies hostility to green sector


Energy Secretary Amber Rudd has rejected claims the renewables sector is under attack from the UK Government. The Conservatives have been criticised by the industry for the early closure of the Renewables Obligation (RO) subsidy amid warnings it will deter investment and risk thousands of jobs. Concerns have also been raised that ending the scheme from April – a year earlier than expected – will increase carbon emissions significantly.