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Government accused of wasting opportunity for alternative future for North Sea


Pulling the plug without warning on a £1 billion competition for technology to cut climate emissions from power stations has damaged investment in the UK, MPs have warned. Scrapping the scheme to develop “carbon capture and storage” technology, which captures and stores permanently underground up to 90% of carbon dioxide from fossil fuel plants, will also make it more expensive for the UK to tackle climate change.

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Climate deal prompts repeat call for 57% cut in UK greenhouse gases by 2030


Government advisers have repeated calls for a 57% cut in UK greenhouse gases by 2030 in the wake of a new global climate deal. The Committee on Climate Change said its advice on cutting emissions for the period 2028-2032 was the “minimum level of UK ambition necessary” in light of the Paris Agreement - the global deal to avoid dangerous climate change agreed late last year.

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Tory MP claims Church of England should invest in fossil fuels


The Church of England should “put aside the Greenpeace manuals” and invest in fossil fuels, a Tory MP has said. Climate change sceptic David TC Davies (Monmouth) told Church commissioners to look at the Bible’s Parable of the Talents, which is about making wise investments.