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Greenpeace warns government after new fracking licences awarded

The Government has been warned it has fired the starting gun on a fight for the countryside after 1,000 more square miles of England were opened up for fracking. Licences for 27 areas in northern England and the Midlands, including near Nottingham, Sheffield, Lincoln and Preston, have been awarded to companies to explore for oil and gas as the Government pushes forward with a shale industry in the UK. A further 132 areas, including parts of the West Country and the south coast as well the North East and North West, are set to be awarded subject to further environmental assessment and conditions to protect wildlife and habitats.

Oil & Gas

Europa and Arenite in joint venture licensing bid

Europa Oil & Gas has been awarded a licence in the southern North Sea as part of the UK 28th licensing round. The company said the conditional award of a promote licence over Block 41/24 was given by the OGA (Oil and Gas Authority) as part of a joint venture with Arenite Petroleum Limited. A total of 41 new licences were awarded in the latest round and the second tranche of successful bids follows the 134 bids confirmed last year, totalling up to 175 licences covering 353 blocks.

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May mooted for JDZ licensing

IT SEEMS that the long-awaited award of the last two blocks (5 and 6) in the licensing round for concessions in the Nigeria-Sao Tome and Principe Joint Development Zone (JDZ) will now be made in May, according to Patrice Trovoada, prime minister of Sao Tome. The round had been suspended 18 months ago.