Eastern Europe going cold on nuclear power


Zoltan Gorog is ready for the Russian invasion. The real estate agent in the Hungarian town of Paks has added Cyrillic to the blue and white sign hanging above his offices. He’s set up empty desks for when he needs to expand to cope with the surge in business.


Should we rethink nuclear power?


While it seems to fly in the face of everything we believe and have been taught about nuclear power, it may actually be the safest form of power production that we have. Ironically, the immense potency of the power of splitting an atom is simultaneously what makes nuclear weapons so dangerous as well as what makes nuclear power so safe.


Next up for Fukushima clean up: What does melted fuel feel like?


The owner of Japan’s wrecked Fukushima Dai-Ichi power station is trying this week to touch melted fuel at the bottom of the plant for the first time since the disaster almost eight years ago, a tiny but key step toward retrieving the radioactive material amid a $195 billion clean up effort.


Hitachi to halt work on UK nuclear project


Japanese conglomerate Hitachi Ltd. will halt work on a nuclear power project in the U.K. and take a one-time charge as negotiations with the British government over funding stalled, the Nikkei reported. Shares in Tokyo rallied the most in more than two years.