Mark Lammey

Energy Voice editor

Homeworking is here to stay, and everyone should benefit

The last 12 months have seen an astonishing shift in the working patterns of millions of Brits. At the start of 2020, a mere 6% of UK workers worked from home. Now, it’s the norm for so many of us. The success of this unexpected experiment suggests that, as far as remote working is concerned, the genie is well and truly out of the bottle.


Tackling the information and systems challenges of acquisitions

Asset transfers can be complex from an information and technology perspective but can be the springboard for innovation, as well as delivering the expected productivity. The critical path is for the transfer of services agreement, safety case, readiness and transition of operations. This article highlights the types of transfer, the issues we face and Sword’s tried and tested approach to dealing with them.


North Sea Transition Deal: watch out for the sting in the tail

The North Sea Transition deal, announced on March 24, has given industry a clear statement of intent for the coming decade and beyond, but the energy sector would do well to prepare itself for the inevitable legal and regulatory consequences that follow.


ECITB: Time to get on with the job of preparing workforce for net zero

As the race to reach net zero picks up pace, the building blocks are one by one falling into place. Last month saw the publication of yet another milestone, the North Sea Transition Deal which sets out the crucial role the oil and gas industry will play in the quest to decarbonise.


Maintaining corporate wellness remotely

There is no doubt that the Covid-19 pandemic has transformed how we work. Over the past year, it has been a constant challenge to balance legislation and safeguard health, safety and wellbeing as personnel were forced to work remotely.


Peterson: Steps towards a big future

As the industry presses ahead towards achieving net zero by 2050, we recognise that everybody is being asked to be something different at the moment.

Oil & Gas

Student minds are driving big change

Student body presidents from eight top US universities came together recently to endorse a statement on fossil fuel divestment drawn up by Harvard University’s Undergraduate Council.


Big tests are looming in offshore wind

It’s several decades since I first wrote about the Crown Estate and its enormously influential hold over Scotland’s coastal waters.  At that time, it was a virtually unknown subject. Today, it is more relevant than ever.


Ideology shot us in the foot

I spent a few weeks in the mid-70s blowing up glacial boulders on the Norwegian Statfjord field in preparation for the arrival of the Statfjord Alpha platform.


Low-carbon deals fuel the energy M&A market

As governments and corporates set ambitious targets to decarbonise, investment in low-carbon technology is becoming increasingly attractive as a core investment strategy. “Low carbon” comprises technologies that enable the energy transition.