CCUS is a stopgap to a big hydrogen world


As a proponent of hydrogen being key to the UK’s atmospheric decarbonisation drive, I am concerned that hydrogen receives so little press when compared with carbon capture and storage (CCS).

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Climate deal prompts repeat call for 57% cut in UK greenhouse gases by 2030


Government advisers have repeated calls for a 57% cut in UK greenhouse gases by 2030 in the wake of a new global climate deal. The Committee on Climate Change said its advice on cutting emissions for the period 2028-2032 was the “minimum level of UK ambition necessary” in light of the Paris Agreement - the global deal to avoid dangerous climate change agreed late last year.

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Tory MP claims Church of England should invest in fossil fuels


The Church of England should “put aside the Greenpeace manuals” and invest in fossil fuels, a Tory MP has said. Climate change sceptic David TC Davies (Monmouth) told Church commissioners to look at the Bible’s Parable of the Talents, which is about making wise investments.

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Climate talks in France extended in bid to reach deal


High-stakes climate talks in France will not end today as planned but will last at least until Saturday, French foreign minister Laurent Fabius has announced. Diplomats and other top officials from more than 190 countries are trying to agree on the text of what would be an unprecedented deal for all countries to reduce man-made carbon emissions and co-operate to adapt to rising seas and increasingly extreme weather caused by human activity.


Opinion: Climate change and energy supply – and why the world isn’t ending


Air travellers are used to captain’s warnings of the potential for turbulence – most are accustomed to considerable ups and downs, with crew and passengers remaining calm and arriving at their destination without the onset of panic. There are however times when one or two can’t take the rocky ride in their stride and scream, unsettling everyone. COP21, the Paris Climate Conference, is the result of considerable scientific research and debate, and a great deal of political posturing - some people are taking absolute positions, some people inducing panic and others even declaring the end is nigh.

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Carbon dioxide emissions ‘could be falling slightly’


Global carbon dioxide emissions may be dropping slightly this year, spurred by a dramatic plunge in Chinese pollution, research suggests. The unexpected dip could either be a temporary blip or true hope that the world is about to turn the corner on carbon pollution as climate talks continue in Paris, said the authors of a study published in the journal Nature Climate Change. “That shouldn’t tell us we don’t need to do anything, but that shows there is action,” Janos Pasztor, the United Nations assistant secretary general for climate change, told The Associated Press at the Paris climate talks. “Things are going in the right direction. All we need is a strong agreement.”