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Renewables/Energy Transition

Green climate technology key to Covid-19 pandemic recovery plans

In the wake of the historic global economic shutdown in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, governments are unleashing trillions of dollars in a bid to create jobs and spur economic recovery. The scale of this stimulus is unprecedented, in some cases amounting to more than 10% of countries’ gross domestic product. At the same time, an overwhelming number of economists, finance ministers, and business leaders are saying that much of that money needs to help—and certainly not hinder—our ability to cut emissions.

Oil & Gas

ExxonMobil gets behind the wheel of electric-cars project

WHILE the Scottish Government makes claims about sustainable transport that may not stand close scrutiny, the US is simply getting on with the job, and in a neat twist, it is ExxonMobil that is playing a key role by sponsoring an all-electric car-sharing and rental programme called AltCar at the Maryland Science Centre in Baltimore, Maryland.