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Reuters Events free webinar: Financing the energy transition

Are you struggling to understand which investment opportunities are right for your company and renewable portfolio? Join Reuters Events, Renewity and SMBC Bank International, in the upcoming free webinar, Financing The Energy Transition: Make the Right Investment Choices to learn how to tackle the industry’s biggest challenge.


IOGP: Part of the Solution…’We mean it’

When the oil and gas industry says that we’re part of the solution to the global need to transition to lower carbon energy sources, we mean it, and we evidence it with our actions. However, many people automatically dismiss anything coming from our industry, or label it “greenwashing”.


Realising MOFs’ potential

It can be difficult to imagine how science at the microscopic level is capable of making a profound impact on the world, especially when it involves new ‘wonder materials’ that are unfamiliar to us. Yet the super-adsorbing qualities of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) look set to do just that, with many touting them as the solution to some of humanity’s most pressing challenges.