energy transition


Climate change, my daughter and me


I recently addressed a room of industry leaders and when deciding what to say, I thought I'd begin by discussing one of the defining issues of our time: the dual challenge of providing more energy with fewer emissions.


Unfortunately, facts rarely matter when it comes to the energy debate


The year 2019 once again proved that oil and gas remain indispensable resources to make the world a better place.  They help to improve the lives of billions of people, many of whom would otherwise lack any access to reliable energy.

North Sea

Sunrise or sunset for the North Sea?


While the UKCS may be regarded as a more mature basin than those in other parts of the world, that doesn’t mean that it is standing still or slowing down.


The cheapest barrel is the cleanest barrel


The North Sea is known for adapting to change and this year has demonstrated an indication of resilience in the sector. Confidence has slowly returned to a market which has changed dramatically in the last five years.