energy transition


Prime time to put transition in focus


In these difficult times, it is challenging to manage day-to-day business as well as thinking to the future. Clearly, we have seen rapid and significant changes to business operations and Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group (Areg) members and others are under greater pressure than ever to deliver results.


Once in a generation opportunity


There has been a lot of discussion in the media recently about the prospects that the “great plague of 2020” will inevitably lead to fundamental changes in both our economy and our society.


Supporting net zero – John Lawrie’s mission


We are proud to be a part of an industry that has evolved considerably over the last 90 years, delivering real economic growth to the UK and worldwide economies whilst making an undeniably positive impact on the environment. As technology has evolved our knowledge, expertise and work ethic continues to play a vital role in the success of metal recycling.


Wood, Lundin and Carbon Tracker on road to net-zero


In the age of the Great Energy Transition, oil and gas companies face a dual challenge; to reduce operational emissions whilst keeping up with growing energy demand they will need to increase both asset performance and lifetime. With increasing numbers of incumbent O&G players making net-zero commitments, the sector will increasingly be judged both by their cost per barrel / cubic feet AND their carbon footprint per barrel.


Is carbon intensity a misleading metric?


It has been encouraging to witness many oil and gas majors sign up to the energy transition and net zero. Repsol, BP, Total, Shell and Equinor have all outlined their strategies.


Net-zero energy: How oil and gas fits in


‘Put a tiger in your tank.’ - The public face of oil and gas looks very different today from the end of the last century, when this popular slogan reappeared. In the past messaging has laid the blame for manmade climate change at the feet of the oil and gas sector.  As an industry we have never shied away from our responsibilities to operate, and that does not change today but there is drive and energy to ensure that we operate in a more sustainable manner. The UK’s 2050 commitment to net-zero carbon emissions will spur wider change, creating new sources of energy and new opportunities.