General Election


Burning Question: General Election


Every week, Energy Voice asks readers to give their views on some the hot topics affecting the oil sector. This time, we want to know which way you voted in the General Election – and why. The latest questionnaire will be kept open for a week to allow as much participation as possible.


Opinion: The colourful fight for the energy vote


The next UK Government, of whatever colour, will face important challenges when it comes to energy. As the UK has traditionally been a net-importer of energy, there will be a fresh focus on how we will generate and consume energy, make it as secure as possible and ensure we use it efficiently as part of the UK’s industrial strategy.

Oil & Gas

General Election 2015: What does Ed Davey’s defeat mean for the industry?

Election defeat for Energy Secretary Ed Davey means there is to be yet another whirl of the revolving-door at the ministry looking after oil and gas affairs. The Kingston and Surbiton MP was one of the casualties of a disastrous night for the Liberal Democrats, and his departure from office leaves a vacancy in a key role affecting the UK Government’s relations with the offshore sector.