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Getting your workforce in healthy, working order

As many businesses and individuals approach almost a year of working from home, no one could argue that Covid-19 hasn’t created a global shift in the importance of health in the workplace.


Maintaining corporate wellness remotely

There is no doubt that the Covid-19 pandemic has transformed how we work. Over the past year, it has been a constant challenge to balance legislation and safeguard health, safety and wellbeing as personnel were forced to work remotely.


Looking ahead to a healthier 2021

It’s hard to think that this time last year, at the very start of 2020, we had little idea what was to come and could never have imagined how much our lives would be turned upside down.

Health, Safety & Environment

Rocking around the subsea (Christmas) tree

Families across the UK are preparing for a Christmas like no other. With the announcement earlier this month of a ‘Christmas bubble’ –the forming of up to three households, who can stay together from 23 to 27 December, as agreed by all four UK nations, families up and down the country are deciding who to include.


International SOS: Building resilient workforces

The Covid-19 pandemic has been one of the most impactful influences on the global workplace in recent years. Not since the advent of PCs and the introduction of the internet and email have organisations from every sector felt such a dramatic change in the way they work.


Cold, Flu or Covid?

As the days get shorter and the weather gets colder, the signs are all there that we’re heading into winter, whilst also facing a spiralling pandemic.


Eight steps for a safe and healthy workplace

Organisations have continued to operate safely throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, with business leaders adapting to protect the health and safety of their employees both on and offshore.


The power of technology to protect employee health

If Covid-19 has taught the world anything, it is that the power of digital technology to save time and money and improve our lives was not being used to its full advantage.


International SOS: Trauma can affect us all

During this time of reflection, 32 years on from the Piper Alpha disaster, we must not forget the survivors, family and friends of those who lost their lives.


On the hoof: mental health wake-up call

As mental health in the workplace rises on the corporate agenda, it is increasingly important for organisations to consider the well-being of their mobile workforce. From short-term travel to longer term expatriate assignments, on- or offshore, or even getting caught in a security incident, pressures can be particularly acute for this business critical workforce.