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Cold, Flu or Covid?

As the days get shorter and the weather gets colder, the signs are all there that we’re heading into winter, whilst also facing a spiralling pandemic.


Eight steps for a safe and healthy workplace

Organisations have continued to operate safely throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, with business leaders adapting to protect the health and safety of their employees both on and offshore.


The power of technology to protect employee health

If Covid-19 has taught the world anything, it is that the power of digital technology to save time and money and improve our lives was not being used to its full advantage.


International SOS: Trauma can affect us all

During this time of reflection, 32 years on from the Piper Alpha disaster, we must not forget the survivors, family and friends of those who lost their lives.


On the hoof: mental health wake-up call

As mental health in the workplace rises on the corporate agenda, it is increasingly important for organisations to consider the well-being of their mobile workforce. From short-term travel to longer term expatriate assignments, on- or offshore, or even getting caught in a security incident, pressures can be particularly acute for this business critical workforce.

Health, Safety & Environment

International SOS on 3 main pitfalls of business travel

A travel security services provider has told Aberdeen firms not to become fixated on the threat of terrorist attacks when deciding whether to send employees abroad. International SOS, which provides medical advice and referrals for offshore workers and business people travelling to remote locations, said that while the risk of attack has become more prevalent in developed countries, it will never be the biggest danger. Even if you are in a country with a high level of risk, the main hazards will always be petty theft, road traffic accidents and muggings, said Peter Cooper, the company’s regional security manager for the UK and Ireland.

Health, Safety & Environment

International SOS leads the way with first certification in remote healthcare provision

A global healthcare company which provides services for several North Sea energy firms has become the first organisation in the world to be certified for its remote services. International SOS, which provides medical advice and referrals for offshore workers and people travelling to remote locations, received the award under new “telehealth” guidelines published by the International Organization for Standardization. Lawrie Campbell, head of the firm’s North Sea division, said: “Advancements in telehealth are vital for the oil and gas industry, where remote locations and testing conditions become increasingly challenging.


Map shows regions which pose most risk to oil and gas workers

A map of the world has been created to help keep oil and gas companies updated on regions that pose the most risks to their staff. International SOS has released its Health Risk Map 2015, which helps oil companies, non governmental organisations, educational institutions and governments understand health threats around the world. For Aberdeen-based oil companies in particular, it helps employers ensure that their staff are safe ahead of overseas assignments.