Jake Molloy


Best Opinion: Jake Molloy

We've rounded-up our best opinion pieces of the year. And we couldn't compile a 'Best of' without featuring RMT regional organizer Jake Molloy. His first-person piece on the Chinook tragedy was a powerful and somber reflection.


Jake Molloy: That was the year….I left the industry

In years to come thousands of former oil and gas workers will look back to 2015 and say; that was the year...... and most likely finish the line with; I left the industry! There will be variations on the theme; I was made redundant; or I started a new career; I got sacked or hounded out, or perhaps, I retired from the industry.

Oil & Gas

UK Government called to support ‘sacrificial cow’ by union boss

The UK Government must support the North Sea oil and gas industry through the downturn because it was its “sacrificial milk cow” for years, a union boss warned last night. Jake Molloy, RMT regional organiser, made the comments on a visit to London, where he briefed MPs in the union’s parliamentary group. They discussed sustainability of production and jobs, and how to maximise the recovery, in advance of a meeting with energy ministers at Westminster.