Paul de Leeuw


$900/barrel and served with a smile


Every day, people in the UK are estimated to drink over 95 million cups of coffee, which is roughly equivalent to over 170,000 barrels a day of the black liquid in the UK alone. For those of us who get our brew from Starbucks, Café Nero or Costa Coffee, we are more than happy to pay upwards of £2 for this black magic. Although a small price to pay for a moment of happiness, the cost of this cup of coffee we enjoy so much is roughly equivalent to $900 per barrel.

Oil & Gas

Opinion: Awaiting the jury’s verdict on new kid Baker Hughes GE


Today, Baker Hughes GE (BHGE) will emerge as the new kid on the block on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), signalling the formal merger of Baker Hughes and GE Oil and Gas. This new company packs a real punch with around 70,000 employees in over 120 countries and annual revenues of US$23 billion in 2016.