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Oil price war may trap private-equity firms in North Sea

The last time crude prices crashed in 2014, the North Sea looked like a treasure trove for private equity looking to buy cheap assets, build them up and sell for a profit. Now, just as these firms are seeking an exit, the oil-price war might leave them trapped


Maintaining the bedrock of the energy industry’s future

I joined the oil and gas industry more than two decades ago, in a year of low oil prices. Securing a job with an energy consultancy felt like a great prize, especially considering that the majority of my fellow geology graduates had chosen to take a different path; largely unrelated to their degrees.


Young professionals preparing for the energy transition

As momentum grows for Vision 2035 and the energy industry strives towards net zero, it is widely recognised that a key part of achieving this will be through the existing workforce; retaining and retraining will create a more flexible, multi-skilled and technologically-aware workforce.