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Gazprom warns EU of impending gas crisis

Gazprom has warned the EU of a wide-scale gas market crisis and underinvestment amid falling commodity prices unless Brussels revises its "contradictory" energy policies.

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Gaelectric compressed air project to get £6.5million grant

The UK’s first compressed air energy storage project is to be awarded almost 6.5 million euro (£4.6m) by the European Union. It will hold air in specially engineered salt caverns under high pressure on Northern Ireland’s east coast before releasing it to drive turbines and create power for the grid. The money will pay for environmental impact assessments, planning and design, the Gaelectric firm behind the innovative scheme said. The system could generate up to 330 megawatts of electricity - enough to sustain thousands of homes - for up to six hours and the EU said it will contribute to energy security in the UK and Ireland.