Middle East

Saudis raise oil reserves ahead of Aramco’s planned IPO


Saudi Arabia published the first audit of its vast oil reserves since it nationalized its energy industry about 40 years ago, saying its reserves total 268.5 billion, slightly more than the 266.3 billion figure that the government published previously.

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Saudis play down Aramco float cancellation


Saudi Arabia has insisted it "remains committed" to a two trillion US dollar (£1.5 trillion) stock market listing of oil giant Saudi Aramco, despite reports suggesting it has been abandoned.

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Aramco IPO preparations stall, report says


Saudi Aramco and the country aren’t ready for an IPO that could raise $100 billion but also bring unprecedented scrutiny to the company, the Wall St. Journal reported, citing Saudi officials and people close to the process.

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Aramco seeks $2bn from Japan’s export agency


Saudi Arabian Oil Co. is seeking a $2 billion loan from Japan’s export-credit agency, three people with knowledge of the matter said, as competition for a role in potentially the world’s largest initial share offering heats up.