Dozens injured in brawl at Kazakh oilfield


A brawl between Kazakh workers and their Arab colleagues in one of Kazakhstan's largest oil fields has left 30 people injured and led to an outcry in Lebanon and Jordan.


Opinion: Resource rich but cash poor?


How should poor countries which find themselves rich in oil and gas use their wealth to build a sustainable future for their people? There is a wide range of options and plenty of examples of how to get it wrong.

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Davos oil view: Roubini to Kazakhstan agree rout can’t last


One thing that oil producers congregating in Davos agree on is that the oil rout can’t go much further. There’s less consensus about when the recovery will arrive. Officials from Kazakhstan and Nigeria to Azerbaijan and Saudi Arabia, speaking at the World Economic Forum, concur that the global glut will begin to dissipate this year as the lowest prices in 12 years force cuts in spending and production.

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Caspian Energy resumes production from Kazakhstan field


Caspian Energy said it had produced positive results on two of its existing wells in Kazakhstan. The company’s subsidiary, Aral Petroleum, has just completed a period of test production at the East Zhagabulak field in Aktobe Oblast. After 10 months of inactivity, operating staff performed basic geological and mechanical tests which involved re-opening the wells and testing oil pressure.

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Cameron hails £3billion contracts deal with oil rich Kazakhstan


Securing 40 trade deals with Kazakhstan worth £3 billion was “not bad for one afternoon’s work”, David Cameron declared after talks with the country’s president. The Prime Minister said he saw Britain and the oil and mineral-rich central Asian state as “partners in prosperity and partners in progress” as he oversaw a signing ceremony at the Foreign Office alongside Nursultan Nazarbayev. Downing Street said Mr Cameron raised the issue of human rights with his counterpart, who was recently re-elected with 97.75% of the vote and is regarded by critics as an autocrat. Mr Nazarbayev insisted he was committed to widespread reforms including ending corruption, improving the justice system and ensuring “an open, liberal government that is accountable to the people”.