Opinion: Visions of cheese


Whilst we are seeing a clear uptick in activity and the UK oil and gas industry is certainly on the way up again, the industry must continue to move forward. However, under current market conditions, how can companies capitalise on change whilst remaining stable and sustainable and, more importantly, will there be enough return for all?


KPMG: The challenges of assessing third party risk


There is increasing pressure on oil and gas companies in Aberdeen to address the risks associated with counterparties, be it suppliers, agents, vendors, contractors or joint venture partners - the list goes on.


Investing in Norway doesn’t have to be taxing


With recent reports of several new development plans on the horizon for Norway, the Norwegian energy industry is anticipating a promising three to four years of activity ahead. Wider areas of Norway are now being explored, including the West Barents Sea, and discoveries such as Johan Sverdrup and the extension of the Norne field by the Cape Vulture discovery, along with the Johan Castberg, will require new thinking and, in turn, attract new companies to enter the market.