A knee-jerk reaction ‘will be damaging’ for oil sector, says recruitment firm

The UK’s Job Retention Scheme has proved a lifeline for many employers and a way to ensure employment is protected while oil and gas firms deal with the double hit of Covid-19 and the drastic fall in oil price. The uptake figures demonstrate the need for the scheme, with over nine million people in the UK expected to be furloughed, yet the decisions to furlough staff have often been made quickly with little planning for the scheme ending.

North Sea

Dear Mr Robertson: ‘I’m living the crisis’

Austen Russell said MSP Dennis Robertson’s comments about the current state of the North Sea oil and gas industry felt like a “kick in the teeth”. The 38-year-old has been tirelessly looking for work every day since he was made redundant from his job with a pipe lay company last October where he worked as a technical supervisor. He had his first break in the industry 18 years ago when he started out as a well test trainee.