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US imposes sanction on Russian firm Rosneft in Venezuela


The Trump administration has announced sanctions on a Russian state-controlled brokerage that has helped the Venezuelan government skirt an US oil embargo and enabled President Nicolas Maduro to keep his grip on power in the South American country.


US energy powers ahead


As the global industry assembles in Houston for the Offshore Technology Conference, it will be in the midst of a quiet American revolution.

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Clashes rock Venezuela as Guaido and Maduro vie for power


Opposition leader Juan Guaido took a bold step to revive his movement to seize power in Venezuela, taking to the streets on Tuesday to call for a military uprising that drew quick support from the Trump administration and fierce resistance from forces loyal to socialist Nicolas Maduro.


Colombia sees gain in Venezuela’s pain


As neighboring Venezuela collapses, Colombia is hoping to lure oil majors with an unprecedented bidding system: Producers can propose drilling anywhere, at any time, and the country will look into it.


How oil led Venezuela to chaos


It is a well-proven maxim that discovering oil can be more of a curse than a blessing and nowhere on the face of the Earth offers better testimony to that than Venezuela, now in the throes of political upheaval.

Oil & Gas

Venezuela opposition leader backs US oil sanctions


The Venezuelan opposition leader who has declared himself the country's rightful president has said US sanctions against the state-owned oil company fall in line with requests politicians have made to "protect" the nation's assets abroad.


Divided Venezuela finds common ground in Guyana dispute


The socialist government of Venezuela and its political opponents at home who have been starkly divided over the past two decades on the best path forward for the country, have suddenly united around a common theme: the century-old dispute with Guyana.