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UK Government launch £200m plan to slash the cost of nuclear energy

The Government has launched a £200 million plan aimed at driving down the costs of nuclear energy, develop new technologies and encourage more women to work in the industry. Ministers said a so-called Nuclear Sector Deal would secure the UK’s diverse energy mix and lead to cheaper energy bills.

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Who’s who in Theresa May’s new cabinet?

Former foreign secretary Mr Hammond remains as Chancellor of the Exchequer. He has previously served as transport secretary and defence secretary. The “reassuringly boring” choice, Mr Hammond, 61, studied philosophy, politics and economics at Oxford University and is believed to have a devout belief in economic stability and prudent public finances.

Renewables/Energy Transition

Opinion: Scotland leads the way in renewable energy

The world unites again this fortnight in Marrakech to drive forward our commitment to tackle climate change. It remains one of the biggest threats facing the world today, and the UK Government is fully committed to the low carbon future we signed up to in Paris last year. Since 2010, there has been over £52billion of investment in renewables in the UK, and this week we set out proposals for the next steps to phase out electricity generation from unabated coal-fired power stations within the next decade.