ExxonMobil eyes foothold in Vietnam LNG market


ExxonMobil is exploring opportunities to invest in LNG-to-power projects in Vietnam as the country faces chronic electricity shortages and Hanoi welcomes US companies to fix a trade imbalance.

Renewables/Energy Transition

Inventor of wind turbine is trying to harness unlimited power


The turbine inventor Henrik Stiesdal is small in the shadows of gigantic curves of steel, watching workers weld towers that will be rooted to the seabed. This factory in the Danish countryside has churned out thousands of masts for wind turbines whose blades can stretch more than 500 feet. It’s an important contribution to a global wind revolution that’s supplying electricity to millions of homes worldwide.


Renewables and investment – well placed to bounce back?


While many sectors have recently rediscovered the importance of resilience, it’s always been in the energy industry’s DNA. From hostile physical environments to volatile prices, the sector keeps the lights on for millions of households, whatever the circumstances. So, despite seized-up supply chains and plunging energy prices, the industry has largely endured and overcome the current challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic.


Renewables in Africa – Insights from the legal world


Renewable energy in Africa looks set for a bright future, with increasing investment and growing incentives from states to develop green infrastructure. But what are the key legal and contractual issues that stakeholders should consider?


Belgium’s nuclear power gamble


Belgium plans to switch off its last nuclear reactors by 2025, an ambitious move that will require significant investments in gas-fired power and renewables.


Green energy scheme needs a shake-up


Government consultations are 10-a-penny but a current one on amendments to the Contracts for Difference scheme, which subsidises renewable energy developments, is a potential game-changer in key respects.


Turning crisis into opportunity


The deep and fundamental impact Covid-19 is having on the global economy is unprecedented, however, the shared global conviction to recover will be fast, and we expect that businesses which can pick up where they left off when things are safe will do so quickly.