Simon Robert Shaw

Oil & Gas

Low-key E&A activity, but UK D&P drilling ramped up for June

Ten E&A wells are active on the UKCS. Four semi-submersibles, five jack-ups and one drill ship are active on four exploration and six appraisal wells. The year to date has seen 30 well starts including 19 spuds and 11 sidetracks. The spud count includes nine exploration wells and 10 appraisals. Six exploration and five appraisal sidetracks have additionally been initiated. No change is noted in the number of re-entries and re-spuds; two and one, both exploration wells respectively.

Oil & Gas

Norway – Johan Sverdrup dominates activity

Nine Norwegian sector wells are active utilising seven semi-submersibles and two jack-up rigs. Six of the wells are exploratory and three are appraisals including one sidetrack. The number of E&A spuds in Norwegian waters this year to date is 22, that is, 16 exploration wells and six appraisals.

Oil & Gas

UK – all sectors are go on E&A and D&P fronts

There are currently nine active E&A wells on the UKCS, keeping six jack-ups and three semi-submersibles rigs busy. Five are exploratory and four are appraisals. The spud-count for the UKCS so far this year is 16; nine exploration and seven appraisal. Two exploration and three appraisal sidetracks have also been started. Further, two exploration wells have been re-entered and one re-spudded.