North Sea

Shape of things to come in UK M&A market

Following a period of relatively low deal activity, in 2018 we started to see an uptick in deals – but that has paused slightly since the oil price fall at the end of 2018. Are there more deals to be done, or has oil price volatility cooled off the M&A market? What do the trends and themes seen in some of the latest UKCS M&A deals tell us?


Living longer in the North Sea – modern innovations for mature assets

The past year has marked a significant milestone in the North Sea’s history, with one of the world’s largest oil producers, Shell, celebrating 50 years of North Sea production and predicting a positive outlook for the next 50. This renewed positivity and optimism has been reaffirmed recently with the likes of Gannet E coming back online, Buzzard restarting output and production from new fields, including Garten and Clair.


Lerwick: Port with proven track record

Lerwick Harbour’s strategic location has been the building block for its huge contribution to the development of east Shetland Basin oil fields over the past 50 years.


Opinion: It’s just flip sides of the same North Atlantic coin

It seems like I’ve been writing about various bits of the Atlantic Frontier, from the Arctic to the Falkland Islands, forever. Reality is I’ve been at it for 27 years so roughly half the lifespan of the UK Continental Shelf.