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Oil crash dashes hopes of green carbon push


It was only in early February that Charles Roemer was talking up the prospects of his latest energy project: a natural gas plant that would capture and sell tons of carbon dioxide to oil producers when it got turned on in 2026.


Virus to slash Chinese LNG, but US tariff lift could save the day, Rystad says


The unseasonably warm weather in the northern hemisphere has undercut liquefied natural gas (LNG) demand and, combined with the steady rise of global supply levels, has resulted in record-low prices. Adding insult to injury, the coronavirus epidemic in China has reduced business and industrial activity, with January’s LNG imports dropping by about 10% year on year.


What do low prices mean for LNG developers?


Liquefied natural gas (LNG) prices across the globe are being described as low currently, with some sections of the media reporting that spot prices in Asia have dropped to seasonal lows as we embark on what could be a mild winter.