Steps under way on the path to recovery

Recovery - a topical word and resonating with people around the world as they deal with the fallout from the pandemic and chart a hopeful path to the future. Times are uncertain but as OGUK’s director of supply chain and operations, I believe an integrated, more collaborative approach is key to restoring the health of the UK oil and gas industry.


Digital debut for OGUK’s share fair

One of the offshore oil and gas industry’s most significant business development events is going digital in July when OGUK launches the first of its series of Share Fair Spotlight webinars featuring the forward work plans of Spirit Energy next week.


We need to work together to take on crisis

Do we play as a team or individuals? How should we take on the challenge of the unpredictable turbulence of today’s business environment? Our industry faces a triple whammy of pressures from operational disruption due to Covid-19, massive reductions in demand for our product and a globally oversupplied market.