Without technology there is no net zero

It is a fact of life that if you want to achieve net zero you need the technology that can make it happen. You can play around with what you think are smart economic wheezes such as contracts for difference and carbon tax but if you don’t have the technology to enable you to stop burning hydrocarbons then ultimately, they’re of no benefit whatsoever.

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Tidal lagoon energy review announced by government

A review into the potential for tidal lagoon energy in the UK has been announced by the Government amid negotiations on a “world first” project. Renewable energy firm Tidal Lagoon Power has been working to secure subsidies for a £1 billion scheme to build the world’s first lagoon power plant which would harness the energy of the tides in Swansea Bay.

Renewables/Energy Transition

Atlantis Resources strikes a deal to acquire two projects

Atlantis Resources has struck a deal to acquire two projects from Scottish Power Renewables UK for its tidal development company. The deal for Tidal Power Scotland (TPSL) is estimated to be around £6.6million, or 3,859,703 shares, which equates to around 6% of the issued share capital. Atlantis said as part of the transaction, TPSL will acquire Scottish Power Renewables entire tidal portfolio, comprising the 10MW Sound of Islay site and the 100MW Ness of Dunscaby site.

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Calls for Saltire Prize to be scrapped after companies struggle to meet criteria

An ambitious £10million plan set up set up seven years ago to make Scotland a world leader in wind and tidal power should be scrapped, according to critics. The Saltire Prize, led by Gordon MP and former First Minister Alex Salmond, has come into difficulty after it was revealed none of the competitors would be able to meet the criteria for the 2017 deadline. According to reports in the Herald Scottish Conservative MSP Murdo Fraser said the ambitious prize had become a “white elephant”.

Renewables/Energy Transition

ORE Catapult dismisses oil and gas supply chain for wave and tidal

Money and lots of it . . . public and private . . . is needed to initiate a credible wave and tidal energy power generation sector in the UK, which a new report claims could be worth up to £76billion to the economy. However, the idea that the oil and gas supply chain can kick-start the market “is not easily realised” because it is “too expensive”, according to a new report by the Glasgow-based ORE Catapult initiative. It claims that this is because the oil and gas supply chain designs and makes equipment to “operate at extreme depths, in benign tidal flows, and low oxygenated waters”.