At London’s oil week, clues about demand will be all around


Oil traders are gathering in London for what’s normally a week of lavish parties, dealmaking and market chatter. China’s coronavirus means this year’s events will be more subdued – and fewer in number – than usual. The talk will be about absent friends and uncertain demand.

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Woodmac: Coronavirus and the impact on gas and LNG


As with all commodities, the impact of the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) on Chinese gas demand will depend on both the severity and length of time required to contain the outbreak.

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Virus to slash Chinese LNG, but US tariff lift could save the day, Rystad says


The unseasonably warm weather in the northern hemisphere has undercut liquefied natural gas (LNG) demand and, combined with the steady rise of global supply levels, has resulted in record-low prices. Adding insult to injury, the coronavirus epidemic in China has reduced business and industrial activity, with January’s LNG imports dropping by about 10% year on year.


How can a virus affect the oil price?


Since mid-January, the Brent Crude oil price dropped about 10%, from $65 to $57 as of Friday morning. The reason for this is the outbreak of the new coronavirus in China. How can a virus affect the price of oil?