Bowleven wraps up extended flow onshore Cameroon


Bowleven said it has now wrapped up an extended flow testing programme at Moambe and Zingana. The Africa focused oil and gas explorer said the results continue to support plans for around five to six mmscfd of gas for power generation under a development scheme with Actis and Eneo in Cameroon.

Renewables/Energy Transition

Government curbs on renewables subsidies branded ‘irrational’


The Government has been accused of “irrational” curbs to renewables subsidies after official projections revealed lower than expected energy bills by 2020. Ministers have said cuts to support for technology such as onshore wind and solar are necessary to prevent rising costs to consumers and to curb the projected overspend on the £7.6 billion budget by 2020 for a raft of green measures paid for on bills. But emails obtained by climate change analysis website Carbon Brief under Freedom of Information rules reveal Government projections which show that, while the overspend will add £12 to average household bills by 2020, overall bills would be £97 lower.

Renewables/Energy Transition

GCube strikes deal with Xcel Energy for onshore windfarm


GCube has signed a deal with Xcel Energy for a 200MW wind energy project in North Dakota. The company, which acts as an underwriter for renewable energy initiatives, will be providing insurance for all construction risks. The development in Courtenay, North Dakota, forms part of plans to expand its wind portfolio by around 40% and is expected to add a further 1.9GW of wind throughout their service territory over the next few years.


Opinion: Land rights in onshore oil and gas exploration


Securing appropriate sites in the early exploration phase is crucial to the growth of the shale industry in the UK, and it is important for a number of reasons. Unlike the United States, where population density leaves large open swathes of bare agricultural land available, the UK is constrained by more designations, EU-backed incentive and protection schemes and a chequered history of mining and industrial activities. In addition – when having to consider the geology, PEDL licence blocks and the financial reality of coming to terms with landowners – basic land availability is becoming an increasingly important issue.

Oil & Gas

Oil producers curb megaproject ambitions to focus on US shale


Big US oil companies are starting to think small. A stubborn 16-month crude rout with no end in sight is driving the largest US oil producers away from costly, high- risk megaprojects long touted as the industry’s future and toward safer shale operations that generate the cash needed to satisfy anxious investors. Exxon Mobil Corp., Royal Dutch Shell, Chevron Corp., ConocoPhillips and Hess Corp. have all either delayed or abandoned projects that range from the deep seas of the Gulf of Mexico to Canada’s oil sands and the US Arctic. At the same time, Exxon and Chevron both announced plans to substantially increase US crude production, largely as a result of their shale operations.