Using drones to mitigate pollution losses

The development of drone technology is beginning to touch on a wide range of industries, sectors and aspects of life.  Significant media attention has been dedicated both to beneficial uses of drones, such as unmanned aerial vehicle ("UAV") military reconnaissance missions, as well as the disruption which the misuse of drones can cause, such as the closure of Gatwick airport.

North Sea

ICR Integrity buys drone company

Oil and gas services group ICR Integrity of Aberdeen has muscled in on the drone-based inspections market by snapping up Sky-Futures Partners for an undisclosed sum.

Oil & Gas

Drone firm backed to the skies with £2.5million

A drone firm specialising in the oil and gas industry has been boosted by venture capital investment worth more than £2.5million. Sky-Futures, which is opening a new, larger office in Aberdeen on Monday, has also been backed by a US fund specialising in drone technology. The firm was founded in 2009 by James Harrison and Chris Blackford who operated drones in Iraq and Afghanistan while in the British Army.

Other News

Mystery drones expose vulnerability of nuclear sites

A series of mysterious drone flights over French nuclear reactors recently is exposing a security threat that has authorities scrambling. There have been more than a dozen sightings so far, including one this week, of small unmanned aircraft. They haven’t inflicted damage nor has anyone publicly claimed responsibility, according to atomic operators and French ministers. In spite of government assurances that a probe is underway, the flights have been going on for more than a month.