ONS: Dawning of a new digital age

Digitalisation and innovation manager for ASCO Norway, Christopher Hoftun, says the offshore supply chain industry is now ready to be digitally transformed, as industry leaders gather in Norway for the 22nd biennial ONS conference.


Offshore Northern Seas 2018 is truly the time to innovate

Norway is hosting ONS, its oil exhibition, conference and festival, in Stavanger from August 27 to 30. It’s a short trip there from Aberdeen and, with more than 65,000 visitors last time round, one that will be made by many from the oil industry here.


Gallery: Best of ONS 2016. Did you make the cut?

This year's ONS created a record amount of headlines for Energy Voice. Shell and BP squared-off in renewables, the Norwegian Prime Minister had some stern words for the industry and Statoil achieved a North first, which prompted its CEO to put his hand over his heart and exclaim "My God".


Opinion: Letting opportunity slip away

When an individual as astute as Lord Browne of Madingley is prepared to stand up at one of the world’s leading oil & gas conferences and basically tell Big Oil that the time has come to evolve from petroleum to energy by taking on the low carbon challenge, it really is time that Aberdeen woke up.


Four days of business at ONS 2016!

ONS 2016 has exceeded our expectations. I am very pleased that we managed to gather so many people in Stavanger this year. The high participation demonstrates an optimism in the industry and confirms that ONS is a key meeting place for fostering new business in a time of transition.