Decom North Sea


North Sea decommissioning sector leading innovation

With the panel session completed, the last business card exchanged and another memorable Decom Offshore conference drawn to a close, I think I have just enough energy left to reflect on what’s been an important week for Decom North Sea.


Developing and defining decom

Decom North Sea’s primary role as a member organisation is – of course – to bring value to our members; we’re here to support the supply chain in winning work, and to help operators meet their regulatory obligations and cost control challenges. A clear understanding of the decommissioning marketplace is critical to both parties, if efficient, cost-effective and environmentally-sound decommissioning activity is to be undertaken.


Opinion: No easy answer to decommissioning costs question

At the end of a week when Aberdeen academic Tom Baxter argued the case for leaving oil and gas platforms in the North Sea to save taxpayer money, Tom Leeson, interim chief executive officer of industry body Decom North Sea, says the solution may not be so simple.