Pemex’s mounting death toll


When 62-year-old Tomas Morales registered a fever of 101.3 Fahrenheit on April 14, the doctor told him to self-isolate. But there was a problem: Morales was on an oil platform off the Mexican coast only reachable by helicopter, and he shared a bedroom with three other workers.


Pemex hopes Gulf discoveries mesh with new president’s goals


Leaders of Mexico's state oil company Pemex initially feared the inevitable election of leftist presidential candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who spoke of rolling back the nation's recent energy reforms and building new refineries.

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Northcote inks oilfield waste treatment agreement with Pemex


A subsidiary of Northcote Energy has signed a preliminary agreement with Pemex to carry out waste treatment services for the Mexican-state owned oil company. Mayan Drilling Fluids (MDF) will use its soon-to-be commissioned treatment facility in Comalcalco, Mexico, to recycle oil cuttings from fields operated by Pemex, if a binding agreement is reached. MDF is a joint venture between Northcote, which holds 51% of the enterprise, and its Mexican partner Gaia Ecologica.